Camp Monsoon 2014

March 27th-29th – Buck’s Pocket State Park – $30

Camp Monsoon is an adventure camp put on by our church on the last weekend of Spring Break. Featuring hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, obstacle courses, and games, these three days are chock full of family-friendly fun and excitement.

All of this play has a definite purpose though. This year’s theme is, “Through the Gate,” based on Jesus’ words about Himself in John 10:9–“I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.” The Gospel is center-stage at Camp Monsoon! All of the surrounding activities simply point back to it.

If you want the opportunity to unplug and connect with your family and fellow believers, then Camp Monsoon is for you!

If you’ve been searching for a way to introduce a loved one, co-worker, neighbor, or friend to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then Camp Monsoon is for you!

If you simply want to get away for a couple of days and have a great time in God’s Creation, then Camp Monsoon is for you!

For more information, please contact Joe Brothers at 256-622-0986.