Welcome to D-Life! Jesus clearly said to go and make disciples. D-Life is how we do that here at First Baptist. This discipleship initiative is made up of small groups (D-Groups) that meet together weekly for a time of fellowship, teaching, prayer, and accountability. Every two months, each D-Group will plan and participate in a community ministry project that will allow them to literally be the church…outside the church! After about a year together, the members of each group will multiply out and begin D-Groups of their own.

The first week that D-Groups will meet is January 8th. On this Sunday evening, all of the D-Groups will meet here in the Fellowship Hall at 5:00pm for their first meeting. Even if you haven’t been contacted about becoming a part of a specific D-Group, please plan on being here on the 8th! We’ll be able to connect those looking for a small group with a D-Group leader.

In preparation for the 8th, please sign up for the online D-Life app at: