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Camp Monsoon 2024

Camp Monsoon 2024

As we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus over the weekend, another momentous occasion unfolded at FBCG — Camp Monsoon, an annual adventure that draws our church family closer together in faith and fellowship. Nestled in the breathtaking Cheaha State Park, we had an experience like no other; full of adventure, challenge, and a solid focus on Jesus. 

For over three decades, Camp Monsoon has been a cherished tradition, welcoming families and individuals of all ages to experience the beauty of God’s creation and the power of community. This year, our theme, “Jesus – Tested. Tried. Purified.”, based on John 14:6, guided us through a journey of faith and discovery.

John 14:6 — Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Here are some of the hightlights...

Underground Church

This is a game to help simulate the experience of Christians who have to worship in secret due to persecution. It helps foster an understanding for persecuted Christians while emphasizing the resilience of faith and the importance of community in such challenging circumstances. 

This was how we spent part of our Thursday night. The campers were Christians, and their challenge was to find the underground church. For the safety of the church, not just anyone was allowed in, and to get in, you had to know the password. One of the real threats for the underground church is being caught by the authorities, and our game was no exception. If you were caught by the police, you were handcuffed and put in dungeon-type cell under the bridge. The kicker, a Christian policeman was the only one with the password, and you had to work to figure out who was a Christian. The hope was to convert the lost, worship together as the secret, underground church, and to avoid being captured. 

Night Hike

Thursday evening also brought the highly anticipated Night Hike, illuminated by glow sticks. As campers navigated through the darkness to an outside amphitheater, they encountered a powerful presentation of the plan of salvation by our very own Shane Lancaster, based upon our theme verse. The hike culminated in a leap of faith (with a swing) across a gorge filled with water.

Day Hike

Friday brings the day hike, testing both mind and body, the teams were dropped off in the Talladega National Forest, 20 minutes apart, and had to venture their way back to camp. With the map provided, they had what should have been a two mile journey, if they were able to navigate the map correctly.

Obstacle Course

Friday afternoon has one of the favorite events, the obstacle course. It’s always a surprise as to what creative challenges there may be, and this year did not disappoint. There was a 12 foot ninja warped wall, with a 50 foot slip & slide on the other end. There was a see-sawing balance beam that each team member had to successfully navigate across. There was a large puzzle which tested the capabilities of both their teamwork and mental prowess — one of the most challenging puzzles to date. And there was a nearly impossible basketball challenge. 

Celebration Meal

The afternoon concluded with a celebratory meal, complete with steaks and baked potatoes, a unique highlight of Camp Monsoon. (Is there another camp in the world that provides steak? I dare say there isn’t.)

Gross Eat Meal

The evening’s Gross Eat Meal, is not for the faint of heart, full of some of the grossest things known to man, all of which must be consumed by a chosen member of the team. We’ll save you the burden of knowing what gross things there were. Take our word for it, you don’t want to know. 

Quiet Time

We started Saturday morning with another quiet time. This time we focussed on having the courage to share the truth of John 14:6 and how. 

Games With A Purpose

Saturday morning’s Games With A Purpose engaged campers in interactive tasks that taught biblical principles in a fun and memorable way. All students were given a seemingly impossible task that they had to solve, and hopefully walked away with a good, biblical life lesson. 

Camp Monsoon is full of fun, adventure, and challenges, but it is also a great way to help build unity and the health of our church family. It is one of the most enjoyable times of the year because of the fellowship and togetherness among all age groups. 

The Lord uses this event every year to be a blessing to many within our church family, but also to a number of kids and families from outside our church family. This is part of our mission, for the work of God to overflow from within our church to bless those outside of our church. 

We want to give a special thank you to all of the adults who gave of their time and resources to serve. Camp couldn’t happen without your help, and we pray the Lord blesses you in return for your service to Him. 

Now, time to start planning and prepping for next year. See you then!