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About Weekday Education

At FBC Glencoe we believe children are blessings from God and that He has given them to us to love and instruct according to His word. This is accomplished through carefully planned lessons and a loving staff of teachers and administrators, as well as by our actions, and words, and attitudes. We are excited and blessed to have the privilege to help mold the life and future of each little one who comes our way.

We understand that each child is different and unique. Because of these differences each child will progress differently and at different rates. Children’s feelings toward school, other children, adults, and the world around them will be affected by the experiences they have while they are in our care. Therefore, through love, prayer, and preparation, we will strive to be enthusiastic, reassuring, creative, and positive so that we help insure they develop Godly attitudes and positive feelings.

Weekday Handbook