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Series: Believing
Scripture: John 3:22-36

In the heart of 19th-century London, amid its bustling streets and challenging living conditions, a young man named George Williams recognized a pressing need among his peers. This led to the founding of the YMCA, the Young Men’s Christian Association, as a sanctuary for spiritual growth. However, over time, like many organizations, the YMCA faced the risk of losing sight of its original purpose.

Similarly, John the Baptist, a central figure in Jesus’s ministry, encountered a temptation to elevate himself and his ministry above Jesus. His disciples, caught up in a sense of rivalry, failed to grasp that Jesus was the fulfillment, not the competition, of John’s ministry. John’s response offers a profound example and lessons for us to learn and follow:

1 – Exalting Jesus Above Ourselves

John the Baptist’s disciples became envious of Jesus’ growing ministry, viewing Him as competition rather than the fulfillment of John’s ministry. John’s response was a powerful example of humility, exalting Jesus above himself. He recognized that any success in his ministry was due to God’s grace alone.

2 – Recognizing Our Dependence on God’s Grace

John acknowledged that everything good comes from God. He understood that his role and purpose were given by God, and without God’s calling, he would be nothing. This reminds us that our identities and purposes are rooted in God’s grace and calling.

3 – Embracing Our Role in Making Jesus Famous

John found joy in fulfilling his role as the forerunner of Jesus. He used the analogy of a friend of the bridegroom, who rejoices in the bridegroom’s exaltation. Similarly, we should find joy in making Jesus famous, knowing that our purpose is to glorify Him.

4 – Receiving His Words and Believing in Him

John the Baptist emphasized the importance of receiving Jesus’ words and believing in Him as Lord. He testified that Jesus is above all and that belief in Him leads to eternal life. We, too, are called to receive His words and believe in Him wholeheartedly.


The example of John the Baptist teaches us the importance of exalting Jesus above ourselves, recognizing our dependence on God’s grace, embracing our role in making Jesus famous, and receiving His words with faith. May we follow John’s example and live lives that exalt Jesus above all else.

Donny Yarbrough

Donny Yarbrough


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